Maid Services Katy Referral Program

Refer a Friend for Home Cleaning Services
Refer A Friend for Maid Services and Earn

At Clean Elegance, we work hard to satisfy our clients by providing the very best in maid services.  Nothing demonstrates your satisfaction more than your willingness to recommend us to friends and family. Having the confidence in our company to tell friends and family about our cleaning service is our greatest achievement and an honor.

To show our appreciation, we have developed a Customer Referral Program which rewards you whenever your referrals sign up for our routine services.  We will also reward your friends or family for trusting us to provide their house cleaning services.

You can get credit towards the next house cleaning visits, with our referral program!

That’s right! All you have to do is tell your friends, neighbor, co-workers, relatives, or whoever you come in contact with about our services.

As always, we guarantee our maid services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  The same great Clean Elegance cleaning you’ve grown accustomed to is what they’ll be thanking you for.  Please make sure they mention your name when requesting their first cleaning.

Referrals will also receive a $25 discount! You Save, They Save!

Every time you refer a new customer to us and they use our One Time Deep Cleaning or Weekly/Bi-Weekly Cleaning service, you will receive $25 credit towards your next cleaning.  And as an added bonus, your friend will also receive a $25 discount on their initial house cleaning.

To qualify for the referral credit, your friend must have received and fully paid for our house cleaning service.  Your friends are limited to only one $25 discount for their home cleaning service, but you can combine your referral credits and use them towards future cleanings.

Maid Services must be purchased within 3 months of the referral date for you to qualify for the referral reward.