Green House Cleaning Products

Green House Cleaning Products


Clean Elegance believes that providing a spotless clean and protecting the environment should go hand in hand. This is why all our house cleaning services use 100% green products, we do not stock any harmful chemical-based cleaning products.  As consumers people are demanding safer, more natural alternatives to the many harsh chemical cleaners that dominate the market. If you can achieve the highest standard results with an Eco-Friendly product, why use anything else?

Clean Elegance has taken considerable time to research and test a large number of Green cleaning products available on the market.  Not all Eco-Friendly products are the same and quite many are not truly “Green” when you take the time to investigate their ingredients.  We have carefully selected products that are derived from 100% natural sources and do not contain any artificial ingredients.


No Harmful Chemicals

Green House Cleaning Products 100% Plant Derived Green House Cleaning Products 100% Hypoallergenic Green House Cleaning Products No Harsh Chemicals
Green House Cleaning Products No Ammonia Green House Cleaning Products No Peroxide Green House Cleaning Products No Bleach
Green House Cleaning Products No Dyes or Colors Green House Cleaning Products No Animal Testing Green House Cleaning Products Biodegradable

100% Eco-Friendly 100% Effective

100% Green All Purpose Cleaner

Our multi-purpose cleaner outperforms other cleaning products including those with harsh chemicals.  It has proven tough enough to handle everything from the kitchen to the bathroom, no matter how difficult the task.  In addition, it is made with 100% pure ingredients including amino acids, green vegetables, minerals and seed-bearing plants.  100% eco-friendly and 100% effective!


In addition our green glass cleaner consists of an old-school vinegar formula that is free of ammonia, is non-toxic and biodegradable. Furthermore it contains NO synthetic perfumes or dyes, greywater and septic safe.  To bring a fresh scent to your home, a touch of all natural lavender oil completes the formula.

Go Green Home Cleaning

Problem Stains And Odors?

We can safely and effectively remove the most stubborn odors and stains with our water and oil-based organic cleaner.  Our product contains a special blend of enzymes and plant-based surfactants. Works great on hardwood floors, carpets, laundry and upholstery.  It does not stain or fade colors on any surface. Unlike other “freshening products”, odors treated with our natural product are not likely to return due to enzymatic digestion. Lastly, uses safe & wonderful natural essential oils in place of toxic synthetic fragrances.

Say Good-Bye To Harmful Chemicals and Hello To Green Freshness!

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