Not All Green Maid Services Are The Same

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what is green cleaning

What you need to know before hiring a “green” cleaning service It took a while for people to start caring about the planet.  Growing up we didn’t care what goes inside products before purchasing or consuming them. Fossil fuels and petroleum products were utilized to the point of squander—habits being blamed for global warming today. However, a lesson was learned along the way, and now people are more concerned about the environment. Going green is not merely a trend, but already a way of life for many. Whether committed to reducing your carbon footprint or just looking for different ways […]

Why Use A Green Home Cleaning Service?

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Green Home Cleaning Products

I never set out to be a promoter of “Going Green” but personal experience and love for my family led me down the road of doing things differently.  While performing my daily cleaning routine, I was disinfecting one of the bathrooms when I started to get lightheaded from most likely the fumes given off by my bathroom cleaner.  Reading the label doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand this is strong stuff, just look at the list of ingredients or “Toxic!” and “Flammable” warnings stamped on the bottle. If you have small kids or pets in the house you have […]